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 The New Rules

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Ocarina of Time
The Hero of Time, and many other things...
The Hero of Time, and many other things...
Ocarina of Time

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Joined : 2012-03-20
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Status : The demo is released! ;D

The New Rules Empty
PostSubject: The New Rules   The New Rules Icon_minitime1May 16th 2012, 9:13 am

Warnings: On this forum, depending on the gravity of the rules that you
break, you will notice one of the following images on the "warning
level" on your profile:

The New Rules Warnba10 - You have no warnings
The New Rules 1_warn10 - You have 1 warning
The New Rules 2_warn10 - You have 2 warnings
The New Rules Seario10 - You have a serious warning
The New Rules Banned10 - You are banned

Also note that warnings are adding up on your profile and you will get banned if you:
- Receive 3 warnings
- Receive 1 warning a serious warning
- Receive 2 warnings a serious warning
- Receive 2 serious warnings

1. The 4-Word Rule. (One Warning for 1 Month)

If you only post one word, that's spam. If
you want to post something that can be summed up in 3 words or less,
write more or don't write at all.

2. Respect Others. (One Warning for 1 Month)

If you don't respect others, I'll warn you. Everyone has feelings, so respect them.

3. NO inappropriate images or illegal content. (Immediate Ban)

This is no joke. Forumotion can shut this forum down if you do this. I will IP ban you if you ever do this.

4. Double Posting is allowed

You may double-post and post in any thread.

5. Serious Warnings (One Serious Warning or Ban for 3 Months)

Follow the rules. If you wreak havoc on the forums, you will be banned. Other things may result in serious warnings. (i.e. messing with the shops, Points, etc.)

6. Credit Stealing (One Serious Warning for 3 Months)

If you take credit for someone else's work, you will get a serious warning.

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Ocarina of Time
The Hero of Time, and many other things...
The Hero of Time, and many other things...
Ocarina of Time

Posts : 171
Joined : 2012-03-20
Location : Behind You...
Status : The demo is released! ;D

The New Rules Empty
PostSubject: Re: The New Rules   The New Rules Icon_minitime1May 22nd 2012, 10:32 am

The is the complete guide to the forums. Please follow all rules above.


Announcements: This forum is for moderators, Game Master Team members, and the admin to post any new things. Members are not allowed to start a topic, but they can reply.

Introductions and Support: This is for a welcoming into the forums. The admin and GM Team will always welcome a new member to the forums.

Support: Have a tech question about the forums? Is something not working? Post the questions here (with a screenshot if possible) and we will fix it.

The Whole, Wide, World: This is most people's home. Anything can be posted here, while following the rules, of course. Moderators check in to make sure everything is running perfectly. Why don't you post here?

The Showcase: Did you create, or are working on a game? You can post it here to get feedback. You can also give feedback to other games.

Project Ideas: Did you think of a game, but never could start it? Post it here and someone may be nice enough to finish the project!

Game Sub-Forums: Some games, like The Lost Warrior have special sub-forums. The game teams use this to keep resources and info together.

The Arcade: Can't see this? Become a Special Member. Here, you can privately chat and play Flash games. Flash games cannot be posted anywhere else.

Game Master Discussion: The GM Team can answer most questions about game creation. Why don't you ask?

GM Shops: With the Points system, you can shop for badges, titles, and more.

GM Contests: You can always win something on the forums. See which contests are up!

GM Glogs: A personal blog forum. You must purchase a Glog from the shops. You can choose from a Glog, Glog , or the legendary Glog . Read other people's Glogs for fun!


Newb 0 Posts
Minion 1 Posts
Beginning 7 posts
Game Maker 15 posts
Game Creator 24 posts
Game Powerhouse 34 posts
Pro Gamer 45 posts
Experienced Gamer 57 posts
Game Master 70 posts
RM95 Master 84 posts
RM2k Master 99 posts
RM2k3 Master 115 posts
RMXP Master 132 posts
RMVX Master 150 posts
RM95 Maniac 169 posts
RM2k Maniac 189 posts
RM2k3 Maniac posts
RMXP Maniac 232 posts
RMVX Maniac 255 posts
Game of Wisdom Keeper 279 posts
Game of Courage Keeper 304 posts
Game of Power Keeper 330 posts
Elite Game Master 357 posts

Later, you will be able to purchase your own title for a monthly fee.


Game Master Badge - Pass Game Master Rank - 70 Posts
RM Master Badge - Pass RMVX Master Rank - 150 Posts
RM Maniac Badge - Pass RMVX Maniac Rank - 255 Posts
Elite Badge - Pass Elite Game Master Rank - 357 Posts

Points Badge - Collect 1,000 Points
Money Saver Badge - Collect 15,000 Points
Reputation Badge - Get 50 in Rep. Points.
Moderator Badge - Awarded for becoming a Mod.
Admin Badge - Only the admin gets this.


Member: The normal rank. A member can post and rack up Points around the forums.

Special Member: A ultimate member rank. You must pay Points to become a special member, but the new features are worth it!

Game Master Team: These people work on the Game Master Team. They have the same rights as a Special Member, but its free. You must be a game creator to join.

Moderators: These members keep the forum running, and make sure the forums are a great place to be in.

Administrator: The admin controls the forums. Most admins just stay behind the curtains, but the current admin, Ocarina of Time, is willing to help anyone.


You can easily get Points to use in GM Shops.

If you can't get any, use this link of how to get Points easily.

When you want to but something, use this link for Shop Transactions.

Points do not cost any real money.


In the toolbar underneath the Game Master Logo, click on Profile.

Information: Edit your profile page, i.e. Favorite Game, Birthday, etc.

Preferences: This is all the important, non-profile info. Do you want members to send you e-mails, etc.

Signature: Your signature is displayed beneath your posts. You can edit it here.

Avatar: An avatar is an image displayed in the sidebar next to a post. It's what makes you, you on a forum, so make it unique.

Friends and Foes: Here you can send friend requests or block someone you don't like. Here is where you can answer friend requests.

Topics being Watched: If someone posts in one of these topics, an e-mail will automatically sent to you.

Drafts: This only appears if you saved a draft. Drafts are good for saving walls of text.


Private Message: Click PM in the toolbar. Click New Post and choose who you wish to send it to.

Visitor Message: Click Members in the toolbar. Click on whoever you wish to send a VM to. Their profile page will come up. Above their profile page, click Visitor Messages. Click New Post and send a message.

Post: In a thread, click New Reply or type in the Quick Reply box to post your message.

New Thread: In a forum, click New Thread to start a new thread.

ChatBox: Scroll down to Who is Online from the main index. Click Join the Chat and then Login to automatically start chatting. Above Login is a small list of whoever is on the ChatBox. You must be at least a member.


Some people have badges in their sidebar. You can buy badges too from the Badge Shop in GM Shops. You can also get free badges by fulfilling tasks or winning contests.


The blogs for the Game Master Forums. You must purchase a Glog from the Glog Shop in GM Shops. Your Glog will be created eventually.

To post a comment, type in the Quick Reply box underneath the Glog post.

Written by Ocarina of Time, Administrator
on May 22, 2012 at 9:31 AM EST.
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The New Rules
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