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 Game Master Lottery

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Ocarina of Time
The Hero of Time, and many other things...
The Hero of Time, and many other things...
Ocarina of Time

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Game Master Lottery Empty
PostSubject: Game Master Lottery   Game Master Lottery Icon_minitime1May 14th 2012, 9:05 am

Lottery brought by

When you buy one lottery ticket, you will get sent your 3 number ticket and super number in a PM.

Your lottery ticket will look like this. 7 3 8 (1)

Once 5 people order a lottery ticket, the fun starts!

01 Lottery Ticket - $1
02 10 Lottery Tickets - $10

Use the Quantity Flag for multiple tickets.

How to win!

0 + 0 + 0 + (0) = $1000

If you win, PM me your numbers and winnings. I will double-check them. Your winnings will be added onto your Points Count.

Odds of Winning 1 out of 910.

You have a very good chance of winning the GML!

The lottery is currently closed.

tLoZ: The Lost Warrior Build: Visit the home-page of the Project Zelda Engine!

Game Master Lottery Ocarinaoftimesmall
Game Master Lottery 1955117
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Game Master Lottery
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