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 Ocarina's Sprite Recolors!

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Ocarina of Time
The Hero of Time, and many other things...
The Hero of Time, and many other things...
Ocarina of Time

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Ocarina's Sprite Recolors! Empty
PostSubject: Ocarina's Sprite Recolors!   Ocarina's Sprite Recolors! Icon_minitime1May 14th 2012, 8:56 am

To request a recolor, please direct link to a sprite sheet or sprite and also post a direct link to another sprite with the colors you want or just a color sheet. You must credit the original creator of the sprite and me for the recolor.

You also get to choose if I should PM the finished copy or (default) to be put on the main post.

I also will just recolor to practice, these can be used also.

I'll edit the sprites depending if you want the outlines thicker, different colors, etc.

You will need 5 points for a recolor! Check your sidebar to see how many points you have.

RMXP Format
aLttP/tMC Styles
Spliced Sprites
Sprite Edits
A better format for the post. ;D


Top Image: Original
Bottom Image: Recolor
~: For

Finished Works:

Ocarina's Sprite Recolors! DarkNutred

Ocarina's Sprite Recolors! DarkNutMidtones
Yes, this was actually my first sprite job.

Black Darknut Sprites for The Tetraforce. ~Demon Lord

Ocarina's Sprite Recolors! DekuShrubMidToned

Mad Scrub Sprite. ~Ocarina of Time

Link to Iron Knuckle Sprites

Steel Kunckle Sprite for Boss in tLW ~Ocarina of Time

Ocarina's Sprite Recolors! Lttp_ganon

Shadow Ganon ~Ocarina of Time

Ocarina's Sprite Recolors! Eyegorecoloredarmos

Eyegore Colored Armos ~Destini

More to come.

Recolors can be used by anyone after purchase. If you do not wish for me to post your recolor, PM me.


Credit both:

Creator of Original
Ocarina of Time: Recolors

Thanks To:
Demon Lord - First Request
Jon Bon - To help me start spriting. Tips.

tLoZ: The Lost Warrior Build: Visit the home-page of the Project Zelda Engine!

Ocarina's Sprite Recolors! Ocarinaoftimesmall
Ocarina's Sprite Recolors! 1955117
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Ocarina's Sprite Recolors!
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